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WJCH Baseball / WBL / Ron Wood Baseball Complex Rules

WJ Copper Hills Baseball & Ron Wood Baseball Complex Park Rules

1. No Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards or Roller Blades allowed inside Ron Wood Baseball Complex.


3. No Dogs allowed inside Ron Wood Baseball Complex. (There is a Dog Park across the parking lot.)

4. Ron Wood Baseball Complex strictly prohibits the use of Alcohol, Tobacco, Smoking/Vaping, or Illegal Drugs.

5. No Glass Containers are allowed inside Ron Wood Baseball Complex.

6. Each team and team fans are responsible for cleaning their respective dugout and bleacher area after every game.

7. The WJ Copper Hills Baseball League leases the Ron Wood complex from the city of West Jordan and League Officials have the authority to have a patron leave the complex at any time if the above park rules are not followed. This also includes the following reasons (but is not limited to):  if a patron becomes loud, belligerent, rude or inappropriate to any player, coach, umpire, parent, or league official.

8. This is a league for youth of West Jordan City and the surrounding communities; and as such, we expect each of our patrons to show respect for each other, players, umpires, coaches, league officials and the facilities.

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